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Teena Raffa-Mulligan
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"A touching, beautifully written story that promotes healthy child-parent relationships and will help children cope with the difficulty of living away from their father. With stunning illustrations and sensitive yet powerful wording, this book manages to find the magic of childhood even in troubled times."


Nora James, author of Paris by Heart

‘It’s not just the moon that’s a smile. This book is guaranteed to make you smile. Beautiful in its simplicity, this story is perfect for small children with parents who are separated to help them understand that daddy will always be back. Colourful illustrations and the touching concepts about love mean this is delightful reading for all.’


Susanna Rogers, author of Parallax Error

"An utterly charming story of a young girl’s relationship with her father after her parents have separated. Uplifting, beautiful and well worth a read."


Claire Boston, author of the Blackbridge series.

Fantastic Early Reviews for 
When The Moon Is A Smile
A message of reassurance and hope 
released JUNE 2019

 A tender story to lovingly gaze over with the special people in your life. When the Moon is a Smile takes its young readers on an astronomically heart-warming and thoughtful journey. Its gentle yet fun-loving tale gives children both a charming and strategic approach to dealing with difficult circumstances – in this case, the break-down of the traditional family unit.

Teena Raffa-Mulligan has taken inspiration from her own grandson’s observations of the moon, and turned his concept of ‘a smile’ into a meaningful and sensitive story of the special bond between father and daughter during their occasional visit. No doubt, extraordinarily exciting and imagined adventures with Daddy would ideally last forever. But for this little girl, her parents’ separation means time with Daddy is only short-lived…for now. Raffa-Mulligan beautifully ties in emotions of sadness, longing and displacement, but also of hope and promise that make this book so uplifting. Daddy makes sure his presence continues to remain in his little girl’s heart and that the adventures carry on (by observing the moon’s changing shape each night) until they can be together again.  

Amy Calautti debuts her talents with her beautiful representations of life, colour and joy in the happy moments, and the more subdued, blue hues in those times of worry and comforting. Her watercolour and line paintings exude energy and innocence, and a softness that perfectly matches the affectionate tone of the story.

When the Moon is a Smile is a book of value, of trust and of courage that children in similar circumstances can utilise as their bright and shining light, providing them the security to know they are loved whether near or far. And this family story will certainly be loved by all…all the way to the moon and back!

 Romi Sharp Just Write For Kids.

      The Promise in a Smile

When The Moon is a Smile is a beautifully illustrated book addressing the issue of separation anxiety in young children. Ms Raffa-Mulligan’s unique way with words gives this story a truly magical and comforting touch. After an exciting day out with her dad, a little girl has to say goodbye because her parents are separated and she lives with her mum. Her dad teaches her the different phases of the moon and how to tell when he’ll be coming to see her again. A lovely, gentle, sweet way to keep a promise.


(Juanita Kees - Kees2Review)

 Teena Raffa always brings a warm smile to my face with her light-hearted short romances. Her latest treat, Christa’s Choice is no different.

After a cancelled wedding, Christa wants nothing more than to escape and takes off to Glasgow. But when enigmatic taxi driver Reece turns up at the same hotel, alarm bells go off.

Christa’s Choice is a short and sweet read that reminds us that sometimes the heart has its own destination in mind (and it’s usually not what we expect). This bite-sized romance is funny, romantic and perfect for reading over your lunch break.

Monique Mulligan Author

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Teena Raffa
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Waterstones UK

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