Barbara   Gurney
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PERTH-BASED Barbara Gurney’s writing is described as lyrical with strong narrative. She says news items often influence her poems while over-heard life experiences are hidden in short stories.

She is proud of her diverse publications: Fiction: Road to Hanging Rock, The Promise, Ribbons of Love, and Lessons of the Universe with Imogene Constantine. Short-Story Collection: Purple and Other Hues. Poetry: Footprints of a Stranger, Life’s Shadows.


Barbara likes nothing better than to tap away on the computer, and creating characters worth remembering. She finds satisfaction in writing stories and poetry for others to enjoy.

An Early Review for Dusty Heart

By Rabia Tanveer for Readers’ Favorite

Dusty Heart by Barbara Gurney is the story of a woman’s resilience as she rebuilds her life and finds her purpose to move forward. Belinda is the kind of woman that most would envy. She has a perfect life, she has grown-up children, she has a beautiful house, a great life partner and she lacks for nothing. She has what everyone else craves, but her life has lost its spark, she has lost her purpose and it feels like she is lost. So when her husband goes on a business trip, she gets an opportunity to go for a weekend away. There she looks after a shop for a week and that week changes her life forever. Suddenly, what she has is not making sense anymore. She is looking for something that she doesn’t have, but she is now ready to make a change in her life.

Dusty Heart by Barbara Gurney is a brilliant novel, a coming-of-age story of a woman who has lived a full life yet there is so much more for her to live for. We all think that by the time we have older children, we have lived our life and there is nothing else for us. Belinda is the perfect example of that. She was left floundering for something that would ground her. I think she is such a relatable character, her story is believable and her struggles are real. I can see my mother in her, how my mother struggled to find an anchor in her life that was hers and hers alone. I enjoyed the narrative. Barbara Gurney has done something magical with this story and I think it deserves to be read. Readers can take inspiration from it.