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Let's welcome in 2021 with the pre-release of International award-winning Michelle Worthington's second book in The Willing Kid program, The Mouse and The Egg. Michelle is a fantastic advocate for teaching mental health through literacy and literacy through mental health. The Mouse and The Egg teaches little ones about kindness and responsibility in a sensory-friendly way. 

To learn more about Michelle and The Willing Kids Program head over to her author page. Check out the youtube clip below and preorder your book today from our website. Your little ones will love it!














Can you imagine the difference you will make in the world if you became a leader in your business by being a change maker, a transformational author?


How would you feel if you got your message into people’s hearts and hands?


Are you ready?

Are you ready to step up and send your message into the world? For you? For your business? For your clients? For your readers?

Welcome to the Daisy Lane family. My name is Jennifer Sharp and I’m the founder of Daisy Lane publishing. At Daisy Lane we believe magic is real. We see the alchemy everyday as we meet and work with authors who have wanted to write a book for years and together, we get that book done. No more waiting.

Most people question - Am I a good enough to do this? Or they say, I’m not sure I can? The negative self talk kicks in. 

You have to be willing to step out of your comfort zone, and not play small if you want to make that big impact and have the influence you crave. Do not fear failure. Step up. Step out and make the difference in the world you were born to make. You will thank yourself and your readers will thank you too.

All you have to be to write your book, is you. If you’re waiting for permission, if you’re needing permission, this is it. I’m giving it to you. 

With our support, we will help you build self-confidence, find that inner strength to support you and your dream. We will help you reconnect to your inner vision, to be clear on where to start and how to access your creative thoughts so your writing flows.

We believe in you, We believe in your magic. You are the alchemy.

So,  Are you ready?

Are you ready to unleash your words and write your story?

Welcome to the family.

Click on the PDF to get the first chapter of my book 
No Excuses: Your Guide to Successful Authorship
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