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Alisa Knatko

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Alisa Knatko is an illustrator from St. Petersburg, currently based in Moscow, Russia. From early childhood she was passionate about drawing. Having worked in academic art, digital design, advertising and even web design, Alisa found her perfect field in illustration.


During 2019 the artist was lucky to get two books with her illustrations published and presented at Bologna, Seoul and Frankfurt book fairs.


In her illustrations, Alisa uses traditional mediums like watercolours, graphite, polychromos, ink and occasionally collage, as well as digital tools like Procreate and Photoshop. Her style is focused on balanced composition, graphical appeal of shapes, expressive poses and minimalistic colour scheme, with occasional patterns or textures.


Alisa gets her inspiration from nature, the beautiful cities of Saint-Petersburg and Moscow, her two little kids, ballet dancing and just sitting in a local coffee shop contemplating people walk by.

Alisa is working on her first picture book with us, HOME, penned by Karen Hendriks.

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