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Amanda Maynard-Schubert
Amanda Maynard-Schubert image.png

Born and raised in the Riverland region of South Australia, Amanda is an artist and author with a passion for all things fantasy. An avid reader as a child, it was Amanda’s dream to one day write and publish her own series of books. Inspired by authors like Tamora Pierce and J.R.R. Tolkein, Amanda’s writing weaves magic, mythology and elemental mysteries to create enchanting worlds and stories. A highlight of her career so far was attending a writing retreat at Crom Castle in Ireland, hosted by Serenity Press.


A talented artist and illustrator, Amanda was named as a top-5 finalist in the 2019 Roar Success Awards for her artwork and has provided illustrations for several authors across multiple publishing houses.

A creative soul, Amanda spends much of her day with a pencil in hand - just in case inspiration strikes. Part of her unique process of writing involves sketching characters and scenes from her stories to help find the words to describe them – reverse illustrating, if you will!


When not writing or drawing, Amanda enjoys spending time in the garden with her husband and two children.


Amanda’s debut novel, The Bards of Birchtree Hall, Book 1 in the Stormbringer Series, was released in November 2020 and had an astounding 3 print runs! Book 2, The Vengeance of the Morrigan will be released in November 2021 and will be another success thanks to our devoted readers! Check out the trailer below.

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