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Early Childhood/Early Years of Learning Workshop

Using Picture Books to Enhance Children's Social and Emotional Literacy

Creative Activities for Professional Development


Children can struggle to engage with and articulate certain emotions, which can have a profound impact on their behaviour, confidence, and ability to learn, follow instructions and perform tasks in social settings. Picture books offer an introduction to social-emotional literacy and provide activities related to emotions such as empathy, friendship, kindness, and self-esteem, aiming to increase children's chances of future success.

Together, Jen and Michelle introduce "The Mouse Series", a set of picture books they use as a tool to teach children about neurodiversity and help them develop important skills. Some specific strategies they employ include discussing emotions depicted in the books and using the stories as a springboard for conversations revolving around these “big emotions”.

Join Mouse on her exciting adventures as she tackles various social-emotional challenges. From managing emotions to making friends and taking responsibility, these captivating picture books provide valuable life lessons in an enjoyable way. Let Jen and Michelle guide you in using "The Mouse Series", available from Daisy Lane Publishing, to empower children and nurture their social-emotional development.

Daisy Lane Publishing offers a range of wonderful books that can be beneficial for early childhood educators which explore themes of friendship, problem-solving, and resilience. Their latest series, Shh, we can’t tell just yet! released 2024, encourages imagination, creativity, and self-expression. These books, along with others from Daisy Lane Publishing, provide valuable lessons and engaging stories that can support the social-emotional development of children.

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