This page is for writers who wish to submit to us for traditional publishing. When we call for you, please adhere to our guidelines.


Thank you to everyone who submitted their words to us. We are overwhelmed with the response and quality. Submissions are now closed for our 2020-2022 program. If you do not hear from us by October, we have not accepted your manuscript. This does not mean your work isn't great, it just means it's not right for us and we encourage you to keep submitting.


Submissions will be open from February 1st through to May 31 for our 2020-2021 program. Please follow our guidelines below.

Email submissions to

Daisy Lane Publishing aims to produce high quality books that engage and excite the reader, empowering those who read them. Please read the submission guidelines carefully and prepare your manuscript with these guidelines in mind:

  • Please submit all manuscripts electronically – all hard copy submissions will be recycled

  • Include a one-page cover letter – note any previous publishing history and/or any writing awards, the target market and genre and how your proposed book appeals to that market

  • If you are planning to submit to other publishers, please make your intention clear in your cover letter 

  • Include a 100-word bio with your submission

  • A blurb or 100-word synopsis of your manuscript (under one page is ideal)

  • A copy of the full manuscript – saved as a .doc or .docx file.

  • Email subject: [Title and genre] SUBMISSION 


Please note our formatting requirements:

  • Double line spacing

  • Page numbers in the center of the footer

  • 12 pt Times New Roman font

  • Double quotation marks

  • 2.5 cm paragraph indent, no line between paragraphs, one space between sentences

  • Name, title of document, email in header

Please note that submissions not meeting our formatting guidelines will not be accepted.

Other notes:

  • We do not accept first drafts. Please ensure your piece is as polished and thoroughly edited as possible.

  •  Due to a heavy workload, we do not provide feedback on submissions.

  • We have the right to not accept any material that does not follow our guidelines or beliefs.