Proof Reading Services

Creating clear and professional writing enables readers to effectively consume your content and understand the messages you’re trying to convey.

By professionally editing your document, our team of experts will help you produce error-free writing and enhance your personal style. Our goal is to help your voice shine and your ideas get the recognition they deserve. Our goal is to have the reader turn the pages, one at a time until the very end.

We will also add helpful comments to explain the edits we make, so you can learn from the proofreading process and improve your writing.

What We Focus On

To take your writing to the next level, we focus on the following areas:

  • Grammar: We’ll identify and correct hard-to-spot grammatical mistakes.

  • Punctuation: We’ll ensure every comma, colon, and full stop is perfectly placed.

  • Sentence Structure: We’ll strengthen your sentences to ensure your words flow flawlessly.

  • Style: We’ll help you hone your distinctive voice.

  • Word Choice: We’ll help you choose the terms that best suits your needs.

Take Your Writing Even Higher

Whether you have written a short story or novel for self-publication, or you have painstakingly written for submission to traditional publishers, your manuscript deserves an objective review and a professional polish. Strengthen your chances of producing perfect writing for publication with our proofreading services.

Whatever your genre or style may be, our proofreaders have the right tools and expertise to make sure your writing is error free and the best it can be.  Your creative voice will never be compromised; we know exactly what to edit. Many of our savvy wordsmiths have worked in publishing or are published authors themselves, so they know firsthand how important this process is.

We specialize in short story, novellas and novels, fiction, non-fiction, romance, Children's picture books, self help.

Cost is generally $35 per hour depending on needs. 

The authors we work with are as diverse as their stories, each with their own unique voice, ideas, and editing needs. We tailor our service to suit the requirements of each individual author and love to develop long-term relationships with writers to help them perfect their work.

We would love to help you with your story.

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