Olympic ice dancer Blaise Daniels partner has just called it quits, leaving her with no chance of competing at the Winter Olympics. Determined not to give up on her dream, she travels to Norway to meet legendary skater Kristoffer Erikson.

After a bumpy start, they connect both on and off the ice. Their partnership seems assured, but why do they both start having dreams of a mysterious Viking past? Can an ancient love be rekindled, or will an old tragedy complicate their present?

Fire and Ice

  • I am up to page 56 of Fire and Ice - all read in one sitting and it was
    hard to put down. I am finding it reader-friendly and engaging and you
    do keep wanting the next bit. Marvellous the way you add 'sexy' spice without having to be explicit (I hated 50 Shades of Grey). I admire the way
    you have linked the story to the title right from the start and linked
    past and present (Viking Fair). I was hoping the stranger she met at
    the fair would be her skating partner...

    I am sure I will finish it tonight - it is rare for me to read much when I am writing so credit to you.