A precious keepsake…

Two lonely hearts yearning for a forever love…

Can they find it in each other?

It’s been a tough year for Emerald Rose following the death of both parents in a Valentine’s Day car crash. Treasured memories of her mum and dad, the small antique shop they left her, and the constant support of best friend Sam have helped her get through.

With the first anniversary of their death approaching, Emerald Rose decides it’s time to let go of the past and sell her mother’s locket. Keeping the symbol of her parents’ enduring love for each other is causing too much heartache at all she has lost.

When Sam buys the locket as a Valentine’s Day gift for the new woman in his life, Emerald feels betrayed. He knows how much it means to her. She is also unexpectedly jealous of his mystery woman.

For Sam, the only mystery is whether seven days will be long enough to win the heart of the woman he loves. He can only hope his recipe for romance has all the right ingredients.

A sweet, warm - hearted romance for modern day romantics.

Emerald Rose