We offer a variety of courses as given below. Each course is given on a 1-1 except for the Mindset Challenges for Successful Authorship. Click the Book Online Tab when you have chosen which area you would like support/assistance with. 
Mindset Challenges for Successful Authorship.
This is an intensive 6 week course that dives into your WHY and teaches you how to overcome self-doubt throughout the writing process.
Writing/Book Coaching.
This course is an intensive 6 week course that takes you through the elements of HOW to write your story, your book. It dives into strategies such as beginning with action following through to ending leaving the reader wanting more. 
Everyone's journey is different. Every story is different. Every story needs to be told regardless of whether its a business story or a work of fiction. We help you work your way through these one step at a time.
Publishing Consultancy.
We mentor you on your writing project and helps you achieve your publishing goals in all facets of writing and publishing your story. This is usually long term taking 3-6 months depending on where you are in your journey.
Proofreading Services. 
We help you polish your manuscript in readiness for submitting to a publisher. We check your spelling, punctuation and grammar - all those little, but so important things. This is done on an hourly rate. Please contact us via the contact form or email hello@daisylanepublishing.com
Discovery Call. 
We like to chat with potential clients first to listen to their story and to decide if they are a fit for us regarding anything we do. It's great if you, the client, does want to work with us. We can then weave magic with your words and bring your stories to life. It's also okay if you choose not to work with us. We are all different and have different needs and talents. If you would like to chat, please click on the Discovery Call Tab above.
Coaching and Mentoring for Publication.
Once you have had your discovery call and choose to collaborate with us, the cost for coaching and mentoring is factored into the package you choose. Please email us to arrange a call to discuss what happens next.